Unit 9 Discussion

I have an Discussion Post due Monday, 4/12/21 at 11:59 PM ESTPurposeHave you ever wondered how life on earth sprang up? Where does life come from and what does it take to be alive? Recently, researchers have synthesized ribose- the sugar involved in the backbone of RNA- in the lab based on ice commonly found in space. Previously researchers had synthesized pyrimidine bases cytosine, uracil and thymine; parts of the DNA/RNA alphabet. While others have collected amino acids from meteorites. Think about all the different components that need to work to replicate DNA, create mRNA messages, and translate those messages into proteins for the cell to use. In this post you will reflect on the possibility that all these things have come together to create life somewhere other than on earth.TaskBe sure to fully answer the prompt in your post. 200-300 wordsIn this discussion, pick a side (yes or no) and answer the following question:Do you think life in outer space is possible? If YES, what might it look like? If NO, why do you think it is not possible? Please remember to add a question to engage your classmates in the discussion.Please use scientific/biological arguments only–this is not a theological/spiritual discussion, and you will only receive credit for using appropriate scientific arguments.Grading CriteriaYour understanding of the requirements for life to occur and your thoughts about the likelihood of it occurring somewhere other than on earth.Your peer responses are substantive and thoughtful and advance the discussion by introducing new insights or perspectives, and/or significantly deepening or broadening the conversation with questions.Your use of language: your writing should be clear, well-organized, and free from spelling and grammar errors.

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