the importance of being earnest stage

Reading and taking notes on the stage directions in the play – The Importance of Being Earnest (IBE) – will prepare you to write an analysis in an essay later in the unit.


  1. Read the following:
  2. Use your word processor to take notes on the following items:
    • Quote 10 instances in which Wilde uses stage directions (be they descriptions of scene, details of an entrance/exit, visualization of a character’s appearance or expression, etc.).
    • Brainstorm, in a length approximating a full paragraph (though without worrying about grammar and usage), what issues, ideas, tones, etc., Wilde is trying to get across in these stage directions.
      • You do not need to come to a grand conclusion, but you should instead use this as an opportunity to begin thinking about how “directorial” decisions influence a play’s overall impact.
  3. Post your brainstormed paragraph
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