humi essay 4 topic choose 1 to write

1. Using the Iliad, the Odyssey, or both, write an essay on the world of Dark Age Greece. What were the values of that world and how were theyreflected in Homer’s epic poems?

2. The poems of Hesiod speak of the origins of both men and the gods. What do we learn from these poems about how these earlyGreeks viewed the world,and what explanations do they offer for the political violence of the world?

3. The pre-Socratic philosophers were the first thinkers to see the world not strictly in theological terms. Write an essay exploring the different conclusions they reached and how the reached them.

4. At a time when words, speech, and persuasion were rising in importance, the Sophists appeared as a new intellectual generation Greece. While many found their lack of commitment to truth disturbing, the Sophists ability to craft convincing arguments remains impressive. Write an essay exploring the thought of two of the Sophists in our textbook. What are the arguments they are making and how do they make them.

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