Assignment Instructions


  • Student demonstrated a clear understanding of the chosen technical skill from chapter 3 by providing a thorough review of the main teaching points and most common errors.
  • Student demonstrated a knowledge of the teaching process within the game of football by utilizing concepts within the supplemental document and video in application to teaching the chosen skill.
  • The assignment was submitted on time as a Word Document attachment in APA format utilizing proper grammar, punctuation, and spelling.

After reviewing the article below, take one of the offensive technical skills discussed in chapter 3 of the text and find a youtube or other video on a coach teaching this skill. Provide a review and analysis of how the author teaches and discusses this skill. In your review and analysis, be sure to address the following questions.

* How would YOU teach the skill? Use information from the video and the link to support your method. What specific teaching techniques would you use to instruct the skill effectively? More importantly, did the author assume anything? Put yourself in the mind of a player who knows nothing about the skill you are trying to instruct. What visualizations will you try to create in the player’s mind? What words will you use? How will you teach your skill so effectively that the player has no doubt about what you want to occur?

* Each skill has a section titled “Key Points’ located on the top left hand side of the page. Explain why these key points are valuable for learning the skill.

* Discuss anything that you would add to this section. Did the author do a good job of correcting the common errors? What would you do differently as a coach?

This essay must be submitted as an attachment on a double-spaced Word document of approximately two pages in length. Please cite all references used to develop your essay. Need help with APA format? Use this link:…

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