write a 500 word essay on how film has had a personal impact on you in your essay you should make reference to beeban kidron s the shared wonder of film and or chimamanda ngozi adichie s the danger of a single story


Following are some recommendations by students on how they might approach this assignment. Please note: This is not a definitive list of acceptable ways to complete this assignment.

  1. If I was to make a reference to Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s The Danger of a Single Story, I would speak of the importance of staying true to your roots. The name of the film that had a personal impact on me was Bajo la Misma Luna (2007) which means “Under the Same Moon.” A little boy’s mother left to the United States leaving her son behind in Mexico with her ill mother. Once the passing of his grandmother happened, he decided to cross the Mexico and United States border. The message I am portraying is taking chances is scary but things can turn out completely different from what you imagine. [recommended by Selena Vargas]

My essay on “‘We Accept Her One of Us’: Family of Choice in Freaks” would fit this assignment. Freaks (1932) is one of my favorite films.

Timothy Piotrowski’s essay on Star Wars is available in the Discussion for this assignment. Blake Lewis’ essay which is part of Module 06 can also serve as a good response to this assessment.

Example from Cathy N. Davidson

Dr. Cathy N. Davidson is a Distinguished Professor and Director of the Futures Initiative at the City University of New York (CUNY). She is also the Director of HASTAC@CUNY. You can read more about her at the CUNY website. In a discussion we had a few years ago, Dr. Davidson described her favorite film in terms of her current work. Were she a student in this class, she could easily expand her thoughts into an acceptable essay for this module.

My favorite movie “about” new modes of collaboration for the world we live in now is a very old movie; the classic Japanese film Seven Samurai [1954]. I blog about it in “How To Take On the MOOCs—”And the Rest of Higher Ed Too.” {Spoiler Alert!: Please don’t read the blog if you haven’t seen the movie and plan to because it gives away the ending.}

The relevant part is that each samurai has a very special role and function that he contributes and you win by finding that special talent in one another and learning how to make that talent work with your own. Since each talent also has a downside, the pairing also means being able to have someone you trust and admire help you curb your own negative side or weakness even as they bolster your best side and help you aspire, always, to be your best—andalways, all of it, for the good of the group. That’s a method to live by. At HASTAC we call it “collaboration by difference,” and it is almost the inverse of a world where you go around labeling “learning disabilities.” Instead, it says we all have extraordinary learning abilities that we can contribute to one another.

I cite Dr. Davidson’s example because it gives an approach to film analysis different than the one we use. Even if you have not seen the Seven Samurai, you might want to read her blog because it is a good example of how film can be used to comment on contemporary issues.

Grading Criteria

You can earn up to 50 points for this assessment. If your essay does not meet the minimum expectations of the assignment, you will earn no credit. if your essay does not include the date of the film(s) cited, dates of films, and links to the films or to the Internet movie database, you will receive no credit.

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