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but I do not have any working experience and I am a international student majored MBA

During recent years many organizations have been striving to hire innovative and critical thinkers. I currently work for the Navy base located in Panama City, Florida (PCD Division). I have been in the workforce development and recruiting department for the past year. My base has a total of 1,457 employees and over half of the work force is eligible for retirement. The Navy base is mostly made up of engineers and scientist. The Navy PCD Division is funded by completing projects for other agencies and private companies. It is very important that our base hires talented innovative thinkers, that will develop the best technology for our warfighters to utilize. The overall mission is to develop new technology for mine countermeasure vessels and diving operations. The base has a Diving school located on the base and provides diving training to the Air Force and Coast Guard. Engineers are always on stand-by to evaluate the divers gear and take note of changes that need to be made. Technology is becoming exceedingly advanced and our workforce is forced to keep up. New and older employees have to be trained on how the new technology works and why it will beneficial to them. According to Feller (2011), “realize they must learn continuously to keep pace with new labor market demands” (p. 12).

My organization fails to provide on-site training for our scientist and engineers, which damages the progression of the employees. Engineers and scientist need proper training on how to utilize new technology, in order to create new gear for divers. The organization also fails to retain all of the talented workers that were hired on in the previous years. We are striving to figure out the driving factors for new hires leaving the organization after one year. We are also challenged with hiring 200 new employees to help fill the spots of the retiring workforce. Snyder and Cudney (2017) state, “There is strong evidence to support the assertion that Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) careers will drive the economy of the future and help the United States remain globally competitive” (p.48).

The workforce has to change and recreate the way employees receive training and feedback on assigned projects. The Navy base is a wonderful place to work, but we need to make a few changes in order to improve our retention rate. An organization can always find things to improve on and go about making the changes with little tension. According to Palmer, Dunford, and Buchanan (2017) state “organizational change is both creative and a rational process” (p.28). Organizations need to understand they have to abide by rules and guidelines, but also know they can be creative while incorporating change. I look forward to the upcoming years at the Navy PCD Division.

sample response

as I read your discussion response, it reminded me of a former company I worked for. I would say this company had way more issues than what you described. They were also behind the times and that led to its downfall. The company I worked for had numerous locations but our location and the president of our office made things very difficult. The company had great technology in place but because we were a new location we did not get all the IT software needed. Once our numbers started growing I tried to request additional software and supplies but was shut down. Talking to the president of our location was not as easy as she micromanaged every department and had poor leadership skills. Over time numerous problems arose causing department conflicts, loss of customers and employees and increased workloads. Staff in-service training never upgraded our skill but was used as blaming sessions, never praise. We were servicing a different era of customers, the president nor would the main office support the request for IT upgrades and job training. Eventually employee turnover increased greatly, morale grew extremely low and the location fell apart quickly. Recently the company closed numerous locations in the last few months.

I agree with you that companies have to provide proper training and ample supplies to perform the required task and to please the consumer. We did lack training but poor leadership was a major problem at my job location as well. A year ago, I left that company and started a new position. My family saw the change in me and we all realized how much my former position drained me. I wish you luck and hope your organization makes the necessary changes soon.

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