scholarly article about snap supplemental nutrition assistance program

1.summarize. 2.analyze. 3. define the concept. Go to to search for scholarly articles on your research topic. Use different words to find an article that an Americans story in general. There is another button for the citation which will give you the APA style or MLA style for citing your articles. Use this citation, copy and paste it before the paragraph were you summarize and analyze the article.

Questions: 2-3 sentences for each

1. What does this article show or what are the results? In one or two sentences who are the findings?

2. How do these results support your claims or help support your American story? Why is this article relevant to the topic or American story you chose? (SNAP food program)

3. Does this article define a key term? If so, how and how can you use this definition of a key term or concept for your research paper?

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