communication final exam

CMNS 101: Fundamentals of Communication Final Exam/General Education Common Graded Assignment: spring 2019 Speech Critique Please refer to course calendar for due date for this assignment Assignment Specifications • Watch the speech linked below (TED talk by Amy Cuddy, approx.. 17 min long) •…

• Write an essay in which you analyze various aspects of the speaker’s presentation. Your essay should have an introduction, body and conclusion. In the introduction, make sure to include an attention getter and thesis at the minimum. In the conclusion, make sure to provide what you learned from studying and preparing speeches. Make sure that you follow standard college level writing.

• At minimum, you should address the following in the body of your essay: 1. What aspects of the speaker’s delivery were effective? Ineffective? Why? a) Verbal delivery (e.g., power of language, troublesome language, figurative language, transitions, language choice, etc.) b) Nonverbal delivery (e.g., eye contact, body movement, gestures, volume, enunciation, etc.) Also, make suggestions for the speaker to improve nonverbal behavior.

2. Discuss how the speaker demonstrated awareness of and/or sensitivity to diversity as it related to the topic. If recognition of diversity was absent from the presentation, suggest how it might have been incorporated.

3. Describe the effectiveness of the types of support material (evidence) used. Indicate the type of support material used while describing it. For example, the metaphor that the speaker used helped me understand the point that was discussed. If lacking, suggest types of supporting materials that should be used.

4. Evaluate the credibility of the research sources used by the speaker and indicate whether the presentation might have been strengthened with other sources of information. Check the sources so that you can adequately determine the relevance to the topic, reliability of the source, and its timeliness.

5. Describe how the speaker used technology during the presentation. Did it enhance audience understanding? If no technology was used, suggest how it might have been incorporated. 6. Describe and evaluate ethical issues in the speech. Explain how the speaker used ethos, pathos and logos appropriately? Indicate the fallacies that were used. • Your analysis must be approximately 500-750 words in length(about 2-3 double-spaced typewritten pages.) • Submit your completed essay to the assignment drop box Please refer to the course calendar for the due date for this assignment.

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