response to discussion post minimum 100 words 14

  • When commenting to other students, determine whether you agree or disagree with the aspects of their stance and explain your reasoning.

Student paper down below:

Nature refers to all the genes and hereditary factors which influences who we are from physical appearance to personality characteristics. Nurture refers to the environmental characteristics that impacts who we are, our early childhood experiences, how we are raised and our social relationships. It all depends on how we adjust to our perspectives cultures.

Fast growing understanding of the human genome has made it clear that both sides of the debate have merit. Nature endows us with inborn traits; Nurture takes these genetic tendencies and mold them as we learn and grow. People behave as they do and this is nature and people think and behave in certain ways because they are taught to do so and this will make the debate rage on and some scientist fights over how much of who we are is shaped by genes and how much by the environment.

The nature vs nurture debate is one of the oldest issues there is, especially in psychology. They argue that the nature played the most important role and the nurture was the most significant but both factors plays a critical role.

One example would be , a child might learn through observation to say “please, thank you”, while another child might learn to behave aggressively by observing older children or even adults in violent behavior on a playground or at their home.

I think it would be a combination of both because without nature we would not be here. Individuals that are born with inherited traits that can encompass the family and impact how we will respond to the issue or certain things. The stance of this debate is a combination of both. The values that were taught to me are not the same in every country or state. Setting good values and morals would mold us to who we are and through our daily lives.

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