Develop a research question, and then in 5 pages, evaluate research literature associated with the question in terms of credibility, reliability, ethics, and value. Explain how the research can be used by psychology professionals. APA FORMAT, IN TEXT CITATIONS AND REFERENCES!

 at least three peer-reviewed articles from scholarly journals relevant to your research question. 


In the article you write for this assessment, include the following: Develop a research question to address a problem in the field of psychology. Evaluate the research literature in terms of reliability, credibility, ethics, and value. Explain the assumptions and biases of the researchers. What was the motive or reason that the research was conducted? Does that affect the credibility or reliability of the findings? Are there ethical issues within the research and were they addressed? Compare the different research studies. Did they use the same methods? Did they have the same or similar conclusions? Are there flaws in the research? How well does the research answer the question you developed? Explain how you would apply the research to professional psychology practice. How are the findings important for your area of psychology?


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