performance art details are below

Performance art performances

You will perform five performance art performances during the semester.Each of these performances will happen in class.Each of these performances will have two required components: (1) your performance and (2) a write-up of your performance which needs to be submitted in class in hard form before you perform.Each performance art performance also needs to have a title and make a thoughtful point about communication and the class material at hand.

For each of the performance art performances, perform for the class a rehearsed, original, in-person performance that is 30-60 seconds in length.For expediency, these performances should not have external audio, video, or projector needs.This performance is to be an original creation by you.Don’t recite something someone else said or wrote.This piece should also involve you in a performative manner.Don’t give a standard speech or presentation.For each of these assignments, a lack of performance will not be considered a performance.

It is vital that we maintain our good sense for these performances.Do not violate campus regulations and policies or any laws.Do not harm property.Do not disrupt others outside of our class or classmates as they perform.Do not be hostile or menacing toward anyone.Do not put anyone in harm’s way.Be a good audience member.

For each of the five write-ups, submit in class in hard form before you perform a write-up detailing your performance.Specifically, each write-up should provide: (1) the title of your performance and why you chose that title, (2) a description of what you’re doing and how you prepared to do it, (3) an explanation for why what you’re doing in class should be considered performance art, and (4) an explanation of the thoughtful point that your performance is making about communication and/or theory.

Each write-up’s length is 500 words.An accurate word count must be placed at the top of the first page of your paper.Failure to have an accurate word count at the very top of the first page of your paper will result in a failing grade.Your paper needs to be typed and single-spaced.Your paper should use Times New Roman 12 pin font and standard margins.In MS Word, use either the Normal or the No Spacing style (upper right on Home tab) and then change your font to Times New Roman 12 pin/size (upper left on Home tab).Please do not space between paragraphs.Indent paragraphs.All you need at the top of your paper is your name and, as stated above, an accurate word count (found in the lower left in MS Word), and then you should begin your first paragraph.

Each write-up should be written in academic prose and, likewise, be polished and precise as well as adequately developed and supported.Paragraphs should begin with a bold claim or thesis statement (i.e., a declarative sentence that encapsulates what the paragraph is about) that is then supported by the rest of the paragraph.When a new bold claim is made, a new paragraph should begin.

Use the APA format to cite in-the-text-of-your-paper all outside source material, including the textbook and the supplemental readings.Include a proper works cited page.The works cited page should NOT be counted in the word count for your paper.Spell and grammar check (F7 in MS Word).

If you are unable to make it to class on the day of a performance art performance, you can have someone else drop off your write-up about your performance art by noon that same day in the Communication Department (Morgan 206) for partial credit.Your write-up will receive up to 15 of the 20 points for your first drop off and up to 10 of the 20 points for your second drop off.No points will be given to a third and subsequent drop off.

I do not accept course assignments via email.Late work is never accepted.Make-up work is never offered.

Like the performance art performance, the write-up is to be an original work by you.Do not recycle work or writing from another class.Avoid plagiarism as well.Such behavior constitutes academic dishonesty.Academic dishonesty will be treated very seriously.See the section Academic dishonesty for further clarification as well as for guidance in avoiding plagiarism.


The performance art performance (up to 10 points):

  • Not long enough/30+ seconds: deduct the performance art round #
  • Not performative/artistic: deduct the performance art round #
  • Not original/creative/yours: deduct the performance art round #
  • Not insightful re: class material at hand: deduct the performance art round #
  • Not well prepared: deduct 5 points
  • Not appropriate (see the syllabus): deduct 20 points (entire assignment = ZERO)

The 500-word write-up (up to 10 points):

  • No paragraphs/too few paragraphs: deduct the performance art round #
  • Lacks the performance’s title and/or an explanation of what you’re doing and/or how you prepared to do it: deduct the performance art round #
  • Lacks two or more detailed arguments for why what you are doing should be considered performance art: deduct the performance art round #
  • Lacks a detailed, insightful explanation of the point your performance is making about a portion of the class material at hand: deduct the performance art round #
  • Poorly written: deduct 5 points
  • Missing a word count: deduct 5 points
  • Contains 400-499 words: deduct 2 points
  • Contains 300-399 words: deduct 4 points
  • Contains 200-299 words: deduct 6 points
  • Contains 100-199 words: deduct 8 points
  • Contains 000-099 words: deduct 10 points
  • Not submitted in class before performance: deduct 10 points
  • Has an inaccurate word count: deduct 20 points (entire assignment = ZERO)

Easy and manageable performance, read carefuly.

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