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In this part of W3 Assignment 2, you will focus on TCP/IP services in network design.

Using the South University Online Library or the Internet, research TCP/IP services.

Based on your research and in continuing with the course project assignment components from Week 1 and Week 2, complete the following tasks:

  • Create a logical network design that includes:
    • Traffic patterns generated by your design
    • Servers to handle workload
    • Access to the network
    • Firewall requirements
    • Services provided—e-mail, user groups, network browser, and dial-in or virtual private network (VPN) access through the Internet.
  • Based on the updates to your network design, update the vendor and costs table that you updated in W2 Assignment 2.
  • Add a logical network design diagram for your network design.

Note: You may want to try a different drawing tool for that purpose. Click here for one such tool.

Compile your answers to both parts of this assignment in a 6- to 7-page Microsoft Word document.

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