i want you to you to write me an essay about living wage 1

I want you to write me an essay about( living wages )

I want you to write me only Introduction and conclusion

Please follow the steps

i am going to write you how i want you to write them for me

I want you to talk about a( sad story) that is imagery

the story most be about one person who has any dream like becoming a doctor or anything that a person wish to have in the future and it most be something that it will help that person to take care of his family or parents.

also talk about what did that person go though in life

like he couldn’t study because he had to work so i want you to talk about something like that

More over talk what can that person do to own a money

So talk about a sad story that u know and it most be about the LIVING WAGES and it most be at less 2 pages this story give me details

after this ,this scene, is only imagined it could be ——–explain .write two sentence about a living wage. According to —–article, Arthur—–, published by—–, date—. after write again three sentence about living wage.

Also I want you to write me Conclusion

My topic sentence for the conclusion is

Just government ought to require that employer pay a living wage , according to article ——————————arthur ———————– publish by —————————- and give me the date . After this one sentence about living wage ————————————————-. returning to the imagery of the story , continue the sad story ———————–

Also talk about the person that he lost his dream because he couldn’t do what he want because he have family or responsibility .

Follow the steps

Thank you

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