finish worksheet 2

Worksheet on Support for Free Speech Analysis:

Please copy and paste to a document, and fill out this worksheet with respect to your essay #1. Please submit by Thurs. 3/7.

For the article you are focusing on for Essay #1, take notes on how the author supports his or her claims. Then, further reflect on how you can better support your claims in your Free Speech essay #1. Compile more quotations to serve as support.

Notes on how the author supports his or her claims in one of the essays in “Are Limits on Free Speech Ever Justified?” or “Is Hate Speech Free Speech?”

Having analyzed the article above, how might you further support your claims in your free speech essay? Write your claim and how you would support it.

Additional quotes and examples to support your claims in your free speech essay:

The “Golden Thread”

You thesis should make an assertion about a particular aspect of free speech, focusing on one of our readings. Topic sentences, often located at the beginning of body paragraphs, should also make assertions and not merely summarize. Topic sentences should connect back to your thesis argument. The first sentence of each paragraph should also transition from the previous paragraph, letting the reader know how she got from there to hear. Here is a sample thesis and topic sentences for a free speech analysis.

Thesis: In times of war, we need to be especially vigilant in guarding the right to express dissenting opinions, especially since those ideas can help us to improve our policies.

Topic sentence 1: Foner demonstrates that throughout American history, people have been persecuted for objecting to wars.

Topic 2: While today, dissenters are not being jailed or deported, the media has created an atmosphere in which dissent is equated with treason, producing a chilling effect on free speech.

Topic 3: Political speech has historically received special protection, even if it is deemed offensive by some (“Bethel” 585).


Revised thesis:

Revised topic sentence 1:

Revised topic sentence 2:

Revised topic sentence 3:

Revised topic sentence 4:

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