film analysis 25

There is a movie that is going to be found in Google or Youtube called “La Historia official(the official story) – directed by Luis Puenzo” I would need to write three paragraphs. Each paragraph should at least contain of 150 words.

Here is the instructions that is given by my professor.

1 First paragraph about … who is the director of the film and in what country was the film made/produced? Where and when does the story seen in the film take place? What is the plot and ehat happens? Who are the major characters?

2 Second paragraph, describes and analyzes the country/culture portrayed in the film.

Here are some things you can compare and analyze (depending on the film):

basics life like in housing and living conditions, transportation, food etc.

Relationship with family, friends

Gender roles and and interactions between genders.

Role of authority at societal level

Anythings that stands out to you as a good point of comparison and analysis.

3 Third paragraph contain of three questions :

What do you think the film’s director trying to achieve or tell us with this film? does she/he succeed?

What are your personal opinions about the film? did you like it? Why?

What did you learn from it?

Would the film be appropriate/good for use in Span 110? which is the class I am taking

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