background section rough draft

My Topic:

How does digital media ( television, internet, smartphone, videos, music) influence/ affect adolescent attitudes about sexual behavior?

Some examples of Background Section Rough Draft:

1- Sample Background Section1.docx 

2- SampleBackground2.docx 

The next section after your definition section of the research paper is the background section.  The purpose of the background section is to give your reader some perspective on how your topic has evolved in importance.  For some topics this task may be easier than others.  For example, if a student is writing about the topic of homework, he/she might write about how the topic of homework has been considered over the past century. If your topic has to do with cell phone or texting while driving, you may want to give some background history as to when cell phones became popular in society and when authorities began noticing the increase in accidents involving drivers who were using their cell phones.  You could also add into that part some statistics about the increase in cell-phone related accidents in the country and what states are doing to lower those rates.

One of the best places to look for background information is in the educational encyclopedias available online through SAGE reference database.  Also, many organizations offer background information on educational topics on their websites.

Refer to sample papers available on the top for guidance in developing your background section.  I would expect this section of your paper to be anywhere from 2-3 pages of your body; it should definitely be longer than your definition section. Include embedded citations in your text and the FULL citations for the sources (at the end) for your background section.

Remember to double-space your text, indent paragraphs, include embedded citations, where appropriate,AND include the FULL citations for your references that appear as embedded citations in your text. Use 1″ margins around your paper and use either Times New Roman or Calibri text, 12 point size font.

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