12 slides power point for diversity subject about differences between gender in islam divorce and heritage

I have attached the original guidelines and the rubric for the assignment and an example about paper about divorce. but I want it as a 12 slides PowerPoint. About Islam religion, about divorce and Heritage in specific. Search about these two subjects from different sources, it could be Quran, Hadith or other sources including Lines from Quran or Hadith. Define the Heritage give details and proofs for example: a son’s share is double that of a daughter’s.[4]Additionally, the sister of a childless man inherits half of his property upon his death, while a brother of a childless woman inherits all of her property.[5] However, this principle is not universally applicable,[2] and there are other circumstances where women might receive equal shares to men.

Please No copying from internet only writing own words.

this is an optional text book for the class Discovery Diversity: Migration.


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