case study assess all children fairly in 1 to 2 pages

In this course, you will be completing some case study assignments. Case studies offer opportunities to observe a classroom situation based on actual events. If you think about the cases and connect them to what you have read, it will be easier to understand how to apply the principles of assessment to students in real-world settings.

Analyses of case studies affords you an opportunity to bridge the roles of scholar and practitioner. Make sure you anchor your responses in relevant references and resources. You will want to include information from the course videos, readings, and/or from reputable outside sources (e.g., peer-reviewed journals, professional organizations). Good answers show that you know sound facts, can articulate your ideas, and that you have the ability to connect theory to practice.

As Early Childhood Educators, we are constantly faced with how to assess. Consider the following scenario:

In mid-August, the families at Oasis Elementary School were invited to “Meet the Teacher Night.” Kindergarten teacher Mrs. Garrard met Hudson and his family. She noted that he had three older siblings and that Hudson was the youngest. When she bent down to talk to Hudson to ask how old he was, an older sibling spoke for him. She noticed that Hudson hid behind Mom a bit as they walked around the classroom.

At the beginning of September, Mrs. Garrard is assessing “K.SL.6 – speak audibly and express ideas clearly” by evaluating “Show & Share” given in front of the class. Hudson says very little when speaking in front of the class. Mrs. Garrard suspects that Hudson’s anxiety level is very high, so she talks to him informally and confirms her suspicions; Hudson was too nervous to talk!

In a one to two page paper with proper APA format and citations, respond to the following prompt:

  • Using the concepts of reliability and validity from the course materials, discuss how Mrs. Garrard should understand this assessment and in what other ways she could assess Hudson on standard K.SL.6. How could she scaffold Hudson to become more comfortable with speaking in front of his peers? Address specifically the assessment tool/design and how it would be developmentally appropriate

Rubric Attached

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