what is the effect of a single story on homelessness

Please follow these directions below carefully while writing the essay which is about (The effect of a single story on Homelessness), which means how people’s thinking about homeless people is limited to the single thing we hear about them (Alcohol and drugs for instance).

Also, please watch the video I attached below in regards of what a single story is.

The following is the requirements for my essay as instructed by my professor:

you’ll write a 3-5 page, MLA formatted essay that –

  • Centers on a single story about the group of people you’ve been thinking about. (I’ve chose the homelessness).
  • Defines what that single story is.
  • Explains the single story you are focused on and its consequences.
  • Identifies new or other ideas readers should consider to gain a more accurate understanding
  • Uses evidence with MLA in-text citations to support your ideas. (Use direct quotation)
  • Includes a counterargument you found through research.
    • This counterargument can disagree with any aspect of your argument.
  • Responds to that disagreement. (use rebuttal)

After writing your rough draft, revise it so that it reflects the qualities of an effective essay.

  • Introduce and conclude your essay.
  • Focus on a primary issue throughout the essay (your main claim).
    • Example: “A common misunderstanding about X is that they Y. Instead we should understand Z so that … (a positive outcome can occur).
  • Organize your ideas into paragraphs that each defend a key idea related to the main claim and that build upon each other logically.
  • Include a counterargument from an actual (not made up) source, and respond to it.
  • Write an essay that’s clear, logical, and impactful for the reader.
  • Cite the ideas of outside authors, using MLA in-text citations.
    • Works Cited entries are not required, but include links to your sources on the Works Cited page.
  • ——————————————————————————————————————————————-
  • here is a link of the video that we’ve been discussing regarding the effect of a single story. https://www.ted.com/talks/chimamanda_adichie_the_d…
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