what do you feel is a key issue or topic affecting human resources and management in 2019

the topic is : Workplace Security – cyber and physical

  1. Executive Summary of the Issue/Topic?
  2. Why is this an Issue of Importance, Challenge, and/or Relevance and why did you choose?
  3. Whom does this Issue directly (and indirectly affect)? How and Why?
  4. What will Human Resources professionals and departments need to do to prepare and adjust to what you have identified?
  5. What specific preparation and steps need to be taken to address?
  6. What is the short term and long-term outlook or impact on companies, and the broader economy or world?
  7. What other implications or issues do you anticipate arising from this?
  8. Final Thoughts/Conclusion?

I am primarily grading on the aforementioned criteria. Spelling and grammar is important. Overall presentation and how it looks and reads is important as well as how relevant your issue is; your selection of the issue is a factor in the grade.

10 – 12 pages

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