threshold concept paper

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This Essay Must be taken seriously.

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You will craft a 4-6 page paper using TWO Threshold Concepts from Economics discipline to examine ONE of the themes covered in The Best We Could Do by Thi Bui.

Your paper should have an introduction. Prepare the reader for the Threshold Concept or concepts you plan to apply and how you’ll address a topic from Bui’s novel. In your own words, describe your understanding of threshold concepts and how they relate to one of the themes of the book.

Detailed Instructions:

Total Pages: Approx 4-6. APA format

Book Required:The Best We Could Do by Thi Bui.

(4-6 pages): The Best We Could Do by Thi Bui, our graphic novel, covered all sorts of topics/themes:



•Mixed Identity


•Sense of belonging

•The refugee experience


•The value of education

•Inter generational dynamics



Find TWO Threshold Concepts that apply to the discipline you are studying or plan to study (Economics is the dicipline).

Examples: Use TWO (keep it focused) threshold concepts to examine ONE of the themes. Describe how would economists examine, say, immigration (one of the themes of the book)? Imagine how you would view the issues, problems, topics from the book using the tools from your discipline(Economics). How, say, a communication scholar might view Bui’s experience. Start with this, what questions would you ask as an anthropologist, chemist, or historian?

Use APA format for citations, title page, and references. We have a link to the OWL resource if you need some help with this. Your list of references will also be in APA format. I have attached an APA citation chart.

Discipline threshold concepts


Understanding of other subject discipline ideas (including other threshold concepts) integrated and transformed through acquisition of theoretical perspective.

Marginality, opportunity cost, incentives (in particular the role and limitations of the price mechanism), cumulative causation (as for instance in the multiplier).

Links to help:

Threshold concepts and their relevance to economic –… <>


Grading Rubric:

How well did this Transfer Scholar use their sources (for Threshold Concepts and any sources to support their paper.)?

Most important — Effective Use of Sources. We want to see that you are anchoring your understanding of TCs by showing us where you found out about the TCs that relate to your thesis.



How well did the student follow directions?

All faculty are busy. We don’t have time to properly grade papers that don’t follow directions. We’ll look to see if you answered the prompts, used proper APA citation format, and met our page demands.



Is the paper interesting to read without distracting typos and errors?

A great paper makes me lean forward, take a sip of my coffee, and marvel as I dive in and get educated about the life of a complex transfer student. If I see a lot of spelling and grammar errors, unnecessary repetition, and a first-draft quality, I get distracted and grumpy. Makes us smile by giving us clear access to your thinking, your experience, your scholarship. For gosh sake, don’t forget to list your references at the end.



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