student influence on community partnerships

Choose and respond to one of the following prompts:

  1. In three to five paragraphs, reflect on how students are integral to school, family, and community partnerships. Based on what you read in Epstein (2010), explain how students influence your leadership in creating a greater community that you serve.
  2. Based on this week’s required studies, discuss and support the following quote from Epstein (2010):

    Students help teachers, counselors, and administrators reach their families and they help their families communicate with their schools. They often are the main source of information for families about school and community programs. Without students’ participation in communications between school and home, there will be few successful partnerships of any type at any grade level. (p. 611)

    Defend your response with citations from the readings and your experience.

  3. Create a haiku about student and/or parent demographics. Title your haiku. Then in 2-3 paragraphs explain your haiku.
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