scholarly sources for your research topic 1

For this discussion, you will note some potential sources that you will use in exploring the existing literature on your topic. These sources can be used in the upcoming Annotated Bibliography and Literature Review Assignments.

In this discussion:

  • State your Research Topic, Objective/Purpose and Research Question(s).
  • List at least 3 scholarly sources – such as specific books or journals – that you think will be valuable in researching your topic.
  • Explain why these are scholarly sources.
  • How did you find out about these sources?
  • Why do you think these are good sources of information for your topic?


  • General Topic of Interest:

My general topic of interest is how will global warming affect climate change.

  • Research Objective/Purpose: “Why” of the research:

The purpose of this study is to research how will or how did global warming affect climate change.

  • Research Question(s): “What” of the research:

I wonder if the blizzard that happened in Feb this year an effect from global warming.

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