rough draft writing paper

*****Included is week 3 to refer to as well the template and examples along with grading chart.

The purpose of this assignment is to create a rough draft of the Final Essay, due in Week 5. After reviewing instructor feedback received from the Week 3 Body Paragraph assignment, incorporate that feedback using the revision skills you acquired from the Week 4 learning activities. Build on these body paragraphs by composing introduction and conclusion paragraphs that include the research you have gathered into your body paragraphs. By putting all of these elements together, you will have created a rough draft.

Review the Rough Draft Sample to give you an idea of the expectations for this assignment.

Complete the Rough Draft Template by following the instructions below.

  • Compose a 525- to-700 word essay.
  • Enter the content from your Week 3 Body Paragraphs assignment into the Rough Draft Template.
  • Review instructor feedback from your Week 3 Body Paragraphs assignment, and determine what revisions are necessary.
  • Revise your Week 3 body paragraphs within the Rough Draft Template to incorporate the feedback received, and ensure there are proper in-text citations for your research.
    • Use the techniques covered in this week’s materials to include in-text citations from your scholarly reviewed articles. You should use a mix of direct quotes and paraphrases from your sources to support the points you are making in each of your body paragraphs. It is typical to use at least one piece of research in each body paragraph to support that main point. Include an APA-formatted in-text citation after each quotation and paraphrase.
  • Write an introduction paragraph that introduces your reader to the content of the paper and includes your thesis statement.
  • Write a conclusion paragraph to bring your paper to a close.
  • Construct a thoughtful title for the essay, and add it to the template.
  • Make any revisions to the reference page as noted in your Week 3 feedback.

Review this week’s learning activity: Spelling Tutorials and Quizzes on the appropriate rules of spelling. Be sure to edit your paper for the correct spelling of words. When words are spelled correctly, the meaning of your writing is clear to the reader, and your sentences maintain their natural flow.

Access the Center for Writing Excellence on eCampus and utilize the Grammar Checking Tools and the Plagiarism Checker to review your paper. Review and apply any recommended changes.

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