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With aging comes the fact that these patient begin to remeber less and have less strength to do things on their own. The elderly patients become more and more dependent on the people around them and this can add a burden that many people are unable to handle. Elder abuse can come in many forms and that is why is can be difficult to recognize it and help the senior out of the situation. The primary type of elder abuse I see in my daily practice is neglect. Neglect can come when a senior citizen is in an assisted living facility or when they are at home with the families. The most common depiction is an elder who is not recieving their med or meals. They may look lethargic or their health may take a sudden turn for the worse. They may also be neglected to the point that they get pressure ulcers if they are bed ridden. The nurse muse be mindful that these patients may be poor historians. It may take a few times of asking the same question or explaning the same procedure for it to click. The nurse must also keep in mind that although their mind may start slipping these patients still deserve respect and often times understand sarcasm or snarky comments more than the nurse may realize.


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