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Student paper down below:

Proactive policing has been defined as a strategic approach utilized by law enforcement agencies to prevent and reduce crime within their jurisdiction.Characteristics of proactive policing are:

·The mobilization of resources based on the initiative of law enforcement.

·The targeting of underlying issues that maybe the cause of crime and disorder being increased. (

Based on the characteristics for proactive policing four different approaches were developed to be used which are:

·Placed Based Interventions-under this approach law enforcement goal is to prevent crime in small place.

·Problem Solving-the goal is to solve the reoccurrence of criminal active by scanning and analyzing repeat patterns.

·Person-focused-by targeting repeat offenders to prevent and deter crime from happening occur within this approach.

·Community Based-utilizes the resources within the community and capitalizes on it to reduce and prevent crimes (The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine 2018)

If you had to prioritize the changes needed within the police department to convert form a reactive form of policing to one that is more proactive what would your priorities be?

In latent terms reactive policing go where crimes occur or when they summons by citizens in the area they patrol. Since the goals of proactive policing is to prevent and deter crime the following would be my priorities when make the conversion:

·Hotspot Policing- we already know areas in which crime is primarily occurring, so therefore we will increase the presence of law enforcement in those particular area. When offenders see an increase in law enforcement within the area it will prevent and deter them from committing crimes, since they have a greater chance of being caught and arrested.

·Community Policing- increasing the collaboration between those in the community in order to help identify target areas of crime, so we can prevent them from happening.Increase the establishment of neighborhood watch groups, training them on suspicious activity, and what information to give to law enforcement is curial in.We still want to make sure they are safe doing the process.

What do you see as the greatest impediment to implementing a proactive style of policing?

There are more needed resources when utilizing proactive policing.The biggest issue will be how will the funds be obtain to increase the amount of police officers, vehicles, and other major resource need to deter and prevent crime.More officers will be needed to increase presents in high crime areas, as well as to actively patrol other areas within their jurisdiction.More patrol units will also be needed in order to have law enforcement the ability to respond to calls, monitor areas in an effective and efficient way. We have to take into accounts that either tax will be increased or fines to offset the cost associated with proactive policing.

What do you see as the greatest benefit of implementing a proactive style of policing?

There are two benefits that I see that are great benefits of a law enforcement agencies using proactive policing within in their local jurisdiction.First, increase of confidence and trust from members of the community.With police increasing their presences in areas, especially those high in crime it gives citizens a sense of security. It also increases their trust, and willingness to help law enforcement. Secondly, police presences has cause a reduction of crime and prevention in crime in areas that offenders are known to commit crimes.Any offender who knows that they know have a risk of being apprehended and prosecuted for crime they commit, will make them think twice before committing a crime.

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