question and answer 38

please write an essay for each following five questions from the textbook that I attached

Chapter 10


From the Kodak Moment article, describe the background on Kodak’s decision to

outsource components of their IT department and the impact it may have had on

their long term viability.


From the Three Top Outsourcing Trends video, list the top three trends and describe

why they have become important in today’s marketplace.




From the Video Project Management for IT Projects, describe the variables/deliverables

that make these projects so complex and the five key issues that are involved in making

these projects more difficult to execute.


What are the tradeoffs between cost, scope and schedule/time when designing a project

plan? What criteria should managers use to manage this trade-off?

Guest Speaker


From the Guest Speaker’s presentation on 3/23, what did you learn in regards to key

practices for IT management to be successful in bringing value through understanding

the business and understanding the overall organization?

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