please wirte a essay 500 words part 1 only

OThe roles of for-profit organizations play in addressing

Social and ecological cause

Organizations are very important to society. They combine the natural resources to provide the valued goods and services to society however, there are costs for producing these goods that are very unpleasant. A lot of the organizations today are blinded by money that they sacrifice the health of individuals and also destroy the environment, however, there are some organizations that do address these issues and are trying to make a positive change in the environment and the social wellbeing of individuals and this leads to our question; what are the role of for-profit organizations play in addressing social and ecological cause? Majority of for-profit organizations address social and ecological issues only if it affects their organization’s financial statements however some try to make a positive change regardless of the effects on their bottom line. This essay look at the different approaches of for-profit organizations

Pt.1 Approaches to energy Pt.2 Approaches to social well being /human health Pt.3

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