padlet should be 2 3 pages of writing about

For this assignment, you are to engage with a single scene from The Tempest or The Gladiator and retell the central dramatic conflict of the scene through memes, gifs, videos, sounds, tweets and images found on the Internet. The idea is to turn a website into a type of theatrical performance, using the rhetoric of social media to restage and interpret a scene from a play. You then need to connect these images through some interpretation and commentary of your own, making sure you show how they tell the story of your chosen scene. Do not just include quotes from the scene, offer up your own retelling and interpretation as a commentary on the media you choose to include. This additional writing is a significant part of this assignment, not an afterthought.

You are to do this using a web app called Padlet, which you can access and sign up for (for free) using the following link:

All you need is the free account version. The best option for this assignment is to create a Padlet using the “stream” option.

The goal of this assignment is to work on our skills of interpretation. In order to do this well, you need to spend time thinking about the characters, their motivations, and their reactions to each other and events. By recreating the drama of a scene in this other medium, you will be INTERPRETING the scene, so make sure you have an interesting interpretation. This does not mean you have to be exact (in fact feel free to be humorous and irreverent!) but it does mean you have to think through the scene and come up with your own take on it.

Remember, all you are submitted in Blackboard is a LINK to your Padlet.

choose the Tempest to work and write about

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