mid term application paper 1

For this assignment, you are to design a program for applying an issue within your area of expertise to a specific organizational setting. This assignment allows you to exercise a fair amount of creativity in your application. Try to find a way to use your expertise in organizational communication in a way that would appeal to people in the real world and would really help them in their organizational lives. As you do this, though, you need to be sure that the way in which you “apply” your expertise remains true to the research and theory within organizational communication. Some possibilities for organizational applications might include:

• management training programs

• organizational web pages

• employee handbooks

• information videos for organizations

• interviewing guidelines

• plans for organizational restructuring

The major guidelines for this assignment are:

• provide a pragmatic application for knowledge in your expertise area that:

• (1) remains true to research and theory in the area and

• (2) would be appealing and useful to organizational practitioners

Be sure to include a Works Cited page and cite your references IN your paper.

book link : https://lindenwood0-my.sharepoint.com/:b:/g/person…

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