lab report solution stoichiometry 1

Complete a formal typed lab report as described in the beginning of this lab manual. you must include all sections for credit., Remember to keep the objective ( purpose) in mind when writing the report. The objective is what you want to prove so you must show all calculations and data necessary to prove it. Everything should be written in your own words and you must turn in original work.

You must include your unknown number in your lab report. Be sure to include all of your calculations for the standardization of the NaOH and for solving for the molar mass of the unknown acid in the report. Both chemical equations should be included in the report to support the mole:mole ratios you use in your stoichiometry calculations. Your data section should include all of the raw measurements from lab such as the masses of each sample and initial and final burette readings to 2 decimal places

The Lab Report should include :

– purpose


-observation and data

-Calculations and results

-discussion/ conclusion

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