it project proposal draft ii

  • Submit the second draft of your IT project proposal.

    Your draft should address the following sections:

    • Section 3: Methodology
    • Section 4: Tools
    • Section 5: Requirements
    • Section 6: Compliance

    For additional details, please refer to the Final Project Guidelines and Rubric and the IT Project Proposal Drafts Guidelines and Rubrics documents


Keep in mind that your project should be within a scope that makes it possible to finish in 6-8 weeks. You will be competing Sections 3-6 of your proposal this week. It is also understandable that as you start working on your project, you determine you have to adjust the scope a little more from what you initially proposed. You may find yourself scrubbing requirements. This means you omit or push off to a future date those requirements that are not essential. You could also focus on an early prototype of your project. Not all projects will be software, database, or web site projects that you develop. You could design a process, design a network diagram, create an information security risk management document. Information technology is a wide field which encompasses software development, database design and administration, security, networking, artificial intelligence, information technology management, and more.

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