instructions are in section below 12

  1. Diagnostic list and specific treatment plan

Problem and Goal

Action Plan

To be Completed by what date?

Persons and agencies responsible

Date action plan accomplished

How satisfied was the client?

How satisfied was the social worker?

  1. Drug addiction

Admission to a rehabilitation center

3 months from now

Interplus Rehabilitation Center

  1. Trauma from rape and assault

Counseling to address the trauma

16 weeks from now

The social worker; a professional trauma counselor

  1. Differential diagnosis for personality disorder

The client will see a psychiatrist for assessment and (if necessary) differential diagnosis and therapy

1 week from now

Licensed psychiatrist; social worker

2.Create a table for intervention plans for 6 weeks and write 6 progress notes and date them. These do not have to be long but clear and understandable.

Here is the link to the intervention video that was used for this assignment:

the focus was on Katie and her addiction. You may have to buy the episode on Amazon if you can’t view it here an extra $3 have been put with the price to do so.

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