in what ways does crane s novella maggie intersect with the moral environmentalist approach discussed in von hoffman s the origins of american housing reform 1

750-1,000 words.


No Works Cited required. Must provide proper in text citations.

Prompt: In what ways does Crane’s novella Maggie intersect with the moral environmentalist approach discussed in Von Hoffman’s “The Origins of American Housing Reform”?

Suggested steps:

  • Read “The Origins of Housing Reform” in its entirety– find out what the moral environmentalist approach really meant and to whom.
    • Having read Riis chapters on tenement housing, think about how Stephen Crane’s novel might be related to Riis’ documentary photography, in a “novel” way.
  • Read Maggie (Yes, in its entirety)
  • Think about if Crane’s short novella contains elements of this environmentalist approach. If so, exemplify: In what specific ways might Maggie, the novel, have been an example of the moral environmentalist approach?

As you exemplify—go beyond the superficial and the most obvious examples to show that you read both works in full.

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