in todays society what is police brutality a thing


For this assignment, you are to compose an illustration essay. You may be familiar with the phrase “illustrate a point.” It is in this sense that we are using the word “illustrate.” According to the authors of your textbook, “Another word for example is illustration…Like pictures, good examples show what you mean. In academic writing, you will often be asked to provide examples to support what you mean by using personal experience, others’ experiences, or research” (116). Providing good examples to support a claim makes your writing more persuasive.

For example, if someone were to argue that cyberbullying is a dangerous problem, providing an example to illustrate this point would make their argument more convincing. If I were to warn you about the dangers of plagiarizing a paper in a college class, I might provide an example to illustrate this point.

For this essay, you will make a claim (thesis statement) and support that claim using your own personal experiences.

Some topics successful students have written about include the following:

  • Improving parking on campus
  • Improving dining options on campus
  • Eradicating textbooks from general education courses
  • Making college free for certain people
  • Making driverless cars mandatory

You are not limited to one of these topics, but be sure to choose a topic that will allow you to make a claim that you can support with your own personal experiences.

Purpose: Provide an illustration/example in order to support a claim

Audience: Classmates/peers


2-3 pgs.

MLA Formatting:


Times New Roman

12pt font

Submitted as an MS Word document

Due in class for peer-review: Wednesday, February 27th

Final Draft due on Blackboard: Monday, March 4th

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