ihs essay 2

Write a discussion essay on the question below:

In the issues raised in Cutting for stone (In the first 3 chapters): What determinants of health were associated with the illnesses that sister Mary Joseph Praise faced, what about the other characters that faced ill health? What do you think should change in order to alter the outcome in terms of the determinants of health. Provide specific examples (cite the page when citing an example from the book).

  • When you write your essay, describe the context and provide specific examples from the chapters. Although the discussion question is asking for examples from the first 3 chapters, you are welcome to provide examples from the other section as long as you provide the citation (chapters and page numbers required)
  • The minimum number of words for this assignment is 400
  • Include page numbers if you cite from the book “Cutting for Stone”
  • Cite all information that is not your own in APA style. You can find more information on citation here: https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/560/01/
  • Include a reference list at the end of the discussion in APA style0



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