history exam essay questions food and power in u s history

Instructions: Label your answers with the numbers of each question. Make sure your answers are in numerical order.When writing your answers, incorporate as many details as you can, including dates, specific people, events, places, etc. As this is a take-home exam, you are going to be held to higher writing standards than you would for an in-class exam. Make sure to have an argument, as well as an introduction and conclusion; cite your sources if you’re referencing readings; and edit carefully. You can only use materials from the class provided.

1.Essay (30 points)

Throughout the term we have seen many instances where food has been a tool or symbol of power. Give three detailed examples from the lectures and/or readings where this has been the case, noting any patterns or trends you see over time.

2.Essay (30 points)

The authors and directors of week 10’s readings below deal with modern problems with America’s food production and consumption. Where have you seen precedents for these issues in the readings from earlier in the term? Give three detailed examples from our readings about innovations, technologies, or policies that have either led to issues that we are wrestling with today.



3.Essay (30 points)

While visiting old friends over the spring break, you mention that you recently finished taking a food history class.One of your friends laughs and says “does that even count as real history?” Calmly, and using at least three detailed examples, explain to your friend some of the lessons that we can learn about US history through the lens of food.

4.Short Answer (10 points)

Consider the image below. The only information we have is that this image is from a California fair in 1905. How do the readings from this term help you analyze the image?

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