entering an international asian market

Scenario: A local Caribbean beverage company (state the current country of operation) is considering entering an international Asian market (you can choose any country in the Asian Market you need to state the name of the country on the cover page of your submission). Your group is hired as consultants to aid in providing pertinent advice to the company as it seeks to enter the international market. You will conduct a comprehensive study country analysis by providing background information, assessment of the political economy, information on geography and population as it relates to the chosen country. After this analysis an informed suggestion of the mode to be utilised by the firm will be included. Strategies as it relates to global localization would be discussed, marketing tools utilised in the chosen country will be suggested and lastly any issues and how they will be dealt with will also be included. Company: Red Stripe out of Jamaica chosen country: China. 1. Country analysis a. Background information on the chosen company( red Stripe) should be provided, which includes their profits, current market share in the country/Caribbean, competitors locally and potential competitors in the chosen market, employees, years of operation. Any other pertinent information. b. The political environment in the chosen country( CHINA) has proven to be critical to company performance of the chosen company. What specific aspects of the political environment should be considered? c. Markets in Asia are enormous in terms of population and geography. Assess this component in relation to the chosen country. New customers? Sales? Etc.

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