discussion questions 215

Each question should be answered in 150-200 words.

-One of the best known schemes for classifying business portfolios is the Boston Consulting Group grid. Please choose an organization/product/service which is a cash cow and how training and development improved effectiveness. Explain.

-Of what value would it be to know that you were going to be training a class of persons between the ages of 20 and 35? What suggestions would you make to the instructor or trainer as to how to better teach the course given the generations represented in the class? Would this affect your design or delivery method? Why or Why not?

-After watching Simon Sinek’s Start with Why Ted talk, explain the quote below in light of Training and Development:”People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.”Do you agree with the quote? Why or why not?

-Mr. Kaufman through research stated that you can go from knowing nothing to knowing everything in 20 hours on a given topic. Let’s say he is correct; does this negate learning scrap? Why or why not?

-Using D5: Deploy Performance Support as a foundation, answer the following question from a CEO for whom you are designing training:I am willing to give you the $15,000 you requested to create and deploy the training both face to face with training materials and online. I’m not going to give you the additional $5,000 to do coaching sessions with the learner’s managers or go back in 30, 60 and 90 days to follow up with the learners. The training you are putting together isn’t enough? Why or why not?

-Toyota had several recalls and issues in 2010 where many blamed their HR department not manufacturing on why Toyota was struggling. We know the purpose of training is to make sure that employees have the right skills and capabilities to identify and handle all situations they may encounter.As you know, Toyota is famous for its four-step cycle — plan/do/check/act. In addition, to the automotive industry, safety is paramount. Everyone should have been trained on the symptoms of groupthink and how to avoid the excess discounting or ignoring of negative external safety information. Take a moment and research Toyota’s recalls in 2010 and then answer the question: If Toyota’s training was more effective, would the recalls have happened to the extent they did? What if Toyota had documented the training which all employees underwent, would that have made a positive or negative impact? Do you think Toyota used training and documentation to avoid the same pitfalls? Why or why not?

-Think back to a training and development experience you had in your past, where was it? Face to face? Online? Share about your training and development experience and then answer the following questions: What did you like about it? What did you dislike? After taking this course if you had a chance to lead that training what would you have changed or not changed?

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