digital privacy and search and seizure riley v california 2014

For your research paper, please select a U.S. Supreme Court decision (only one from the alternatives

below) and conduct a thorough analysis of the Court’s decision. In doing so, please discuss the facts of

the case, explain where the case originated, and track its development through the lower courts to the

U.S. Supreme Court (procedural history). Identify and discuss the issue(s) presented in the case and the

court’s ruling on these issues (holding). Likewise, offer a lengthy analysis of the Court’s

reasoning/rationale for this ruling (and dissenting opinions, if any) – paying particular attention to the

influence of public policy (or public opinion). Lastly, and arguably most important, analyze the social or

political ramifications of the Court’s decision (either real or hypothetical).

Please comply with all APA formatting/citation guidelines. This means that you will include in-text

citations and a references page as well as title page, etc. The paper should be typed, double-spaced and

with 1 inch margins throughout. This is an approximately 10 page paper.

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