different relaxation techniques

Introduction: During this course, you have learned the harmful effects that distress can have on your health and wellness. In addition, you have learned effective strategies to decrease the amount of distress in your life to help avoid the Stress Model. Finally, we have explored different relaxation techniques that you can incorporate into your individualized comprehensive stress management plan that can be used as an intervention between stress and illness. Presentation Required Content: Choose one of the techniques in your textbook (Excluding Biofeedback) to implement into your daily/weekly routine. Please research the benefits of this technique using one or two creditable source other than your text book and cite your sources using the APA style.

Develop a five to 10 slide PowerPoint Presentation on your chosen technique and include all the following information:

1. Description of the Relaxation Technique

2. Benefits of the technique

3. The reason you choose the technique

4. Your personal experience performing the technique

5. If you will continue to perform the technique and why You may include pictures and or video within your presentation to illustrate your practice

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