can someone help me to revise my essay

This is an essay with only three paragraphs.The first two paragraphs should be the same construction. They will discuss two branches of a large topic (keyword), respectively. Such as: love (Dedication and selfishness)Their structure should be: 1. Topic sentence. 2. Introduce evidence + contextualize. 3. Evidence (Excerpts from the article.)4. Analysis. 5. Conclusion.

In the third paragraph, the two branches are compared or analyzed.

The first file is the requirements. The second file is my article. The third and fourth files are the articles I used. The fifth is example.

The following are the requirements that the professor requires me to modify.

“The key to this assignment is the central idea. If you don’t use a central idea you are just repeating what other people have already pointed out. The goal is to learn how to come up with a NEW insight.

You are saying Mr. Sweet is a failure, and Alice Walker is a success. This is true, but it is the obvious reading. Everyone will agree with it. In this story, Walker is trying to challenge people’s understanding of success. Something that may be a failure to you, may be a success to me. If you pay close attention, very little is straight-forward.

If you polish the English in the draft that you have and create solid body paragraphs, you can get a B. But to get an A, you need to show how a particular concept is more complicated than it seems.”

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