body paragraph 4

1-1.5 page

Topic the “danger of single story”

Directions for body paragraph #4: In the fourth body paragraph, agree or disagree with the author’s main idea.Then, describe a detailed example from your own experience, someone you know, or from the media to vividly illustrate your argument for your readers.Include journalistic details of who, what, when, where, why, and/or how to help your reader visualize your connection, imagining it as it happened. Show us the experience rather than simply telling about it.

Also, employ at least five of the following rhetorical devices:

Simile and/or metaphorShort powerful sentences

Action verbsSensory details/descriptive words

Dialogue or monologueRhetorical question

Proper nouns—names, places, productsPurposeful repetition


(Be prepared to highlight and label these rhetorical devices before submitting your essay for a grade.)

Please do not forget to highlight

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