article analysis psychology

I have an article and some questions about it. I want these questions to be answered with easy words. The paper should be 3 pages in length. I will attach a link to the article, and write the requirements below it.…

Hampton and colleagues (2006) suggest in their article that women are able to more quickly recognize emotional expressions compared to men.

  1. Briefly, explain in your own words the two main hypotheses they are testing and which, if any, their results support.
  2. The researchers argue that experience (with child-rearing) cannot account for their findings and point to evolutionary mechanisms as an explanation. Briefly summarize their argument and explain whether or not you agree with it.
  3. What else, besides child-rearing experience, might contribute to the gender difference identified? Include at least one alternative explanation for their findings in your response paper and explain your reasoning.

Response papers should be roughly 3 pages in length. Make sure to fully explain your ideas and demonstrate that you have read the article for understanding and engaged in critical thinking. Avoid using quotes from the article, instead paraphrase and re-write in your own words.

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