a bank manager interview report


the interview report paper should include the following bullet point:

1. the reason why you chose to interview this individual (the bank manager)

2. questions you asked + answers. the format should be like the following:

Q: xxxxxxx?

A: xxxxxx… (please state them in the third person)

3. 2-3 things you learned from the interview (something you didn’t know before)

4. As a business students, will anything you learned from the interview be useful to your in your studies or future business career?

other requirement:

the interviewee is a bank manager

Please include the time, date, and the location of the interci

length of the whole interview paper — 2-3 pages

the three interview questions are:

1. As a business students, if I would like to get a job in the bank after I graduate, what kind of things do I need to prepare, such as some certain certifications, or internships, and which do you think is or are more important?

2. As a manager of the bank, what the necessary skills and characteristics should be mastered?

3. When you work with your team, did you have any conflicts during your termwork, and how did you settle the disput?

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