2 short response papers

In two of these papers, you will analyze a single primary source (or 2-3 closely related sources, but beware of taking on more than you can cover in 500 words) of your choice (chosen from the assigned readings). The main goal of this paper is to explain the significance of the source – what do we learn from it about a bigger question in Chinese history? That is to say, a paper that merely summarizes a source will not receive an A; you will have to show your reader why your chosen source matters. In the other two papers, you will analyze one of the journal articles or book chapters (note: this does not include textbook chapters) assigned as weekly reading. You will succinctly summarize and evaluate the author’s argument. Your summary should not simply repeat the information in the article, but explain the article’s purpose – of what is the author trying to convince us? Make sure to devote some space to an evaluation of the article’s argument – does the evidence the author provides support his or her point? Does the argument make sense in light of the other things you’ve learned that week (whether in lecture, the textbook, or primary source readings)?

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