you are required to find five 5 newspaper or general periodical articles

you are required to find FIVE (5) newspaper or general periodical articles

that deal with ethics or professionalism in society and the criminal justice system. The articles
occupation, group, or individual you choose should be related to the criminal justice field.

2. You must write at leastONE Full Page of Text summary of each article discussing the ethical or professional issues involved in the article. Be sure to provide a Cover Page for this assignment. You must discuss the following three areas for each article:

A. FACTS: Discuss thoroughly all of the relevant facts in each case. (Do not copy or retell the story…discuss it!)

B. ETHICAL/PROFESSIONAL ISSUES:Thoroughly discussall of the relevant
ethical and professional issues that are brought up in the article.

C. YOUR OPINION:What is your opinion on the conduct of the people that are involved in this ethical/professionalism issue. Secondly, what could have been done differently to avoid the ethical or professional problems?

3. All work MUST BE TYPED, SINGLE SPACE. Be sure to label each of the three areas, ie. FACTS, ETHICAL/PROFESSIONA ISSUES & YOUR OPINION. You must provide the proper APA citation for the articles. Be sure to turn ALL 5 Articles in together as one assignment.

4. This exercise will be graded on your ability to concisely and clearly find and discuss the facts of the case, the ethical/professional issues, and how logically you develop your opinion. You must demonstrate that you are able to perform critical thinking skills related to this area. Additionally, your grade will include neatness, spelling, grammatical usage, and your ability to coherently express yourself. Do not copy the article into your paper…Discuss it!

Paper Must be at least 1700 words excluding reference page and title page.

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