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1. MDTAP is the first site that you have visited that is not specifically focuses on blind users, but works with all types of disabilities. How was the experience different?

i have 3 answers for this question just compare between them and choose ur answer by ur own words. 

NO(1) –Visting MDTAP was a different experience from the other field trips we visited, becaes the assistive technology they had, was not directly applied for only blind users. The assistive technology they showed us were for people with any type of disability, as well as for any Maryland resident who wants to use these technologies. I even saw some technologies that I would use for my IPad and other devices such as a suction cup to wash my dishes, I would use on a daily basis.

NO(2)–Going to MDTAP was really interesting. It was different from other sites we’ve visited due to the diverse technology it included. It opened my eyes to how simple devices could make a disabled person’s life much easier. I especially enjoyed the low-tech devices that helped in situations most people would never think of. MDTAP also seems like a more ‘laid back’ place compared to other sites. They lend out their equipment for people to test before they decide to purchase it. I thought this was a great feature, as assistive equipment can at times be fairly expensive. MDTAP was probably my favorite site visited, due to the different technologies that we had not seen at any of the other places we visited.


  1. MDTAP experience was different from the others because it wasn’t just focused on blind people. MDTAP was focused on enhancing the lives people from Maryland with disabilities with Assistive technology devices and services. Instead of just seeing devices and services to help blind people, we seen various devices and services for different types of disabilities. The room that the class was in consumed many different devices.

2. Please discuss two technologies (high-tech or low-tech) that you observed at MDTAP, that you did not observe at any of the other sites. Who would use those tools, and how would they be used?

i have 3 answers for this question just compare between them and choose ur answer by ur own words. 

One high-tech technology I observed at MDTAP was the large keyboard with pictures on it. Kids use this to communicate easily if they weren’t able to speak well. I don’t remember what the machine was called but they had a smaller model as well that was more portable. Some low-tech machines I noticed at MDTAP were the kitchen tools for people with arthritis or physical disabilities. Since the other areas were mainly dedicated to blind users, it was different to see how other people make their lives easier with this technology.

NO(2)—-One of the technologies that I found to be very interesting was the Visual Impact by Abelink. This device allow for a user who might have had a brain injury to complete certain tasks, while the device gave out very specific directions to follow. The example the tour guide illustrated was how to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I also really enjoyed the prisma glasses. For those of us who tend to get very lazy at night while watching television, this definitely solved the problem. The prisma glasses, were simply glasses with mirrors in them, so for instance one would wear them laying down and watch TV from a comfortable position. This device would be particularly useful for someone with a head, neck, or spinal cord injury.

NO(3)—-One technology that was demonstrated at MDTAP that was not at any other location was the speech-generating device. These devices are used to supplement speech output for individuals with severe speech impairments or cognitive disabilities. Individuals with Autism, cerebral palsy, hearing impairments, stroke and much more use these devices to assist with communication. Another technology that was demonstrated at MDTAP, but not any other location was the voice amplifier. The voice amplifier provides individuals with physical or cognitive disabilities relating to speech provide alternative means to speak louder.

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