write reading response choose an article about artificial intelligence and robots

  1. Reading Responses: (Written in Journal)
    In every reading response there will be a 3 part response:Part 1 – Summarize the article: What are the main points?Part 2 – Personal Response:
    What do you think of this source? Have you seen these techniques before? Which do you prefer? Why?


Part 3 – Academic Vocabulary:
List at least 5 words you don’t know. Give the dictionary definition, synonym and antonym for them. Also, use each in a sentence.

*Research Reading Responses- These responses will be based on articles that youresearch for your assignments. Not only will you do the normal reading response, but you will also evaluate the source and thoughtfully consider where and how you would use it for your writing. Finally, include a Works Citedcitation so it can be found!

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