write an explication essay 1

Explication Essay – Prof. Barsony

  • “The Flowers” by Alice Walker

Using the story “the flowers” by Alice Walker write a 3 part essay, modified explication essay. In the first part, discuss the short story in terms of the literary devices used by the author. Describe the story’s literary elements (e.g. setting, characters, plot, mood, theme, moral etc.) and techniques (e.g. metaphor, simile, alliteration, hyperbole, allegory). Explain what relevant articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights are being showcased in the themes.

In the second part, discuss whether Thomas Foster’s quest theory applies to this particular story. Demonstrate how all or most of the 5 criteria of a quest are present. If you think the theory is not applicable, explain why (what criteria are missing).

In the final part, elaborate on your personal connection to the story: your thoughts about its theme and/or experience with a specific detail in the story that has captivated you.

For all three parts, include quotations from the story to support your ideas.


  • Your paper must be at least 1200 words long (approximately 4 pages). Note that this is the lower limit. There is no upper limit to the word count for this essay.
  • Use APA style to format your paper and cite your sources. Do not include an abstract.
  • Avoid summarizing the whole story.

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